Comar was started by David Marsh In 1976, in Cambridge, UK. Like a lot of great businesses, it started in a shed at the bottom of the founder’s garden, between the onion beds and the potato patch.




lnitially, David worked as a consultant for the optics and electronics industry, but stock optics quickly became the primary focus of the business. In 1979 the first catalogue was produced, and it paved the way for Comar's success.





ln 1989 the shed had run out of space; it was a choice between the business or the lawn-mower. The lawn- mower won, and Comar moved to a renovated office in Hartington Grove, Cambridge, an increase in floor area of approximately 2250%.




With this new-found space, business grew fast, and it became increasingly focused on custom optics. Comar invested in manufacturing machinery and began manufacturing custom optics.




In 2000, custom business overtook stock business, and Comar dedicated its primary resources to producing custom optics for OEMs. Comar launched the Customize service, for rapid production of custom optics in-house.




In 2004, Comar extended its presence in the global market, by opening a North American office.




2013 was a busy year: Comar incorporated, rebranded, and finally relocated. The new office in Linton, Cambridge, is vastly bigger than the last, and we now concentrate our efforts on making the source and supply of optics as easy as possible for OEMs globally.



RapidOptics logo for white.jpg

Launched RapidOptics, our rapid prototype manufacturing department.





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