Custom lenses

We have extensive experience in supplying custom lenses, including singlets, doublets and aspherics. Below are parameters for typical specifications. Tighter specifications are achievable - speak to our team for advice.


Typical specifications


Custom plano-optics


Plano-optics include windows, mirrors and prisms. Parameters listed below are typical specifications. Tighter tolerances are achievable. Contact our team for further information.


Typical specifications


Custom coatings


We can create almost any custom coating, from basic AR coatings to complex or specialist coatings, such as oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings. The most common coatings are listed below.


Mirror coatings

AR coatings

Metal coatings are versatile and economical. Typical materials include aluminium, gold and silver. 
Dielectric coatings are normally more costly but offer better performance and durability.

V-AR coatings are designed for narrow band use. R type. › 0.2%.
Broadband AR coatings tend to have higher reflectances the broader the wavelength range. R typ. for visible ‹ 0.4%. 

Beamsplitter coatings

Beamsplitter coatings are designed to either be as non-polarising as possible or to distinguish between the two polarisations. 
The commonest types are metal-dielectric and all-dielectric.

Filter coatings

Dichroic coatings are all-dielectric and divide a beam spectrally. They are normally designed for 0º or 45º use. For stronger blocking, an interference filter can be used (see custom filters section below). 


Custom filters


Below are typical specifications we work to with optical filters and polarisers. For more demanding specs or complex coatings contact our team.


Typical specifications


Custom mechanics


An experimental optical system benefits most from the flexibility and economy of stock mounting systems, such as TubeMount. For serial production, however, an optical system usually needs to be much more compact, more simple to assemble and more economical when produced in volume. This usually requires a custom optomechanical mounting assembly.

Mechanical mounting systems are usually manufactured from aluminium and often black-anodised to reduce stray light reflections. We have extensive experience in creating such custom mechanical parts. For further details contact our team.