WALK500 Update

Enhancing the lives of disabled children at Granta School


Our WALK500 Challenge has been a huge success. 

The Aim: The aim was to walk a combined total of 500 miles in one week, and to get sponsors amounting to £500, with the money going to Granta School. For further details on the challenge, click here

The Result: Success! We broke the 500 mile mark a few hours before the deadline, reaching 519 miles, thanks to an exceptional last minute effort by the team. And we raised £588, or just short of £700 including Gift Aid. The final figures can be seen here on the Virgin Money Giving website. 


 - 519 miles walked, £695 raised - 


And Finally: Thank you! Thanks to everyone who made this a success, staff and donors alike. We appreciate all the support we have received, and are glad to be able to help raise funds for Granta School.