First Cary UMA in the UK installed at Comar!

Comar's QA Department is pleased to announce that its new Cary UMA (Universal Measurement Accessory) is now commissioned and in use: the first Cary UMA to be sold and installed in the UK. This unique £30,000 accessory transforms our newly acquired Cary spectrometer into an automated system capable of making absolute transmittance and reflectance measurements over any angle of incidence from 5.1° to 90° over the wavelength range 250nm to 2,500nm, and this for any selected polarisation.

We have long believed that the ability to test all parameters of the items we sell is foundational to our business. Spectroscopic testing is becoming more demanding as filter technology improves. High blocking levels, increased use of NIR wavelengths and ultra-narrow bandpass and bandblock filters require highly sensitive tests which this new addition to our fleet of test instrumentation will provide.