Comar supports ALOP with free optics

Spring 2013: Comar were delighted to donate over 100kg of optics to ALOP (Active Learning in Optics and Photonics), a UNESCO initiative to improve the quality of teaching in developing countries. This remarkable programme provides workshops in 45 countries, of which 15 are in Africa.

ALOP, founded in 2004 has faced great challenges including lack of equipment and set curricula that leave little room for innovative teaching.

The optics provided by Comar will be put to good use in Uganda and should provide experimental kits of lenses, mirrors and prisms for around 30 schools.

The photos show, respectively: a general view of the IOP Centre in Bukinda, Uganda; and Site Manager, Gonzaga, and Physics teacher, Barbabas, inspecting the optics.

For more information on the ALOP programme click here.