Bag It. Beat It.

Fill bags to fund life saving research 


Comar are supporting British Heart Foundation's annual Bag It Beat It campaign!

The British Heart Foundation collects donated bags of old clothes, toys, and similar resaleable items every September. These items are then sold with profits going to life changing heart research. 

We're please to be supporting the Bag It. Beat It. campaign this year, and so far have collected an astonishing 186 bags. Thanks to all staff, friends and family who have chipped in to help!

How you can help: Hit the button below to see the Bag It. Beat It. website and donate. It's very straightforward!


This isn't all of them!

This isn't all of them!


WALK500 Update

Enhancing the lives of disabled children at Granta School


Our WALK500 Challenge has been a huge success. 

The Aim: The aim was to walk a combined total of 500 miles in one week, and to get sponsors amounting to £500, with the money going to Granta School. For further details on the challenge, click here

The Result: Success! We broke the 500 mile mark a few hours before the deadline, reaching 519 miles, thanks to an exceptional last minute effort by the team. And we raised £588, or just short of £700 including Gift Aid. The final figures can be seen here on the Virgin Money Giving website. 


 - 519 miles walked, £695 raised - 


And Finally: Thank you! Thanks to everyone who made this a success, staff and donors alike. We appreciate all the support we have received, and are glad to be able to help raise funds for Granta School. 

The WALK500 Challenge

Enhancing the lives of disabled
children at Granta School. 


Sponsor TeamCOMAR on the WALK500 Challenge! 

The Challenge: The challenge we're setting ourselves is to walk or run 500 miles (combined) in 7 days.  With a team of just 23 this means on average we all have to achieve 22 miles, however some of us are not too fit so in reality some of our fittest team members will have to achieve in excess of 40 miles within the week.

The Cause: Our goal is to raise £500 for Granta School in Linton.  Granta School is a state special school for students that have a wide range of disabilities and special needs.  Some are super active but have a learning disability, some are autistic, some use a wheelchair to get around and some have chronic illnesses.  What they all have in common is that they love getting stuck into exciting activities and they often need a great deal of support to enable them to do this.  Granta School is looking to renew the playground and 100% of the funds Team COMAR raise will go towards this important project.

How you can help: Hit the button below to sponsor us!




We set up a GoPro to take a time-lapse sequence of the night shift. The camera was set up to take 1 photo every minute, from around 6pm to 8am the next morning. The photos were then put into a video sequence. Some things to look out for:

  • the sunset/sunrise
  • the lenses in the tray
  • the fudge!
  • the shift change
  • the head of the angle-poise lamp
  • the second hand of the clock